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Jewellery or Jewelry

Learn how jewellery is defined and teach yourself some history of jewellery online. What is defined as jewellery has certainly changed with time however typically it has referred to adornments of clothing and body made specifically from rare stones and precious metals more

Where to Find the Best Leather Necklaces Online

Jewellery and other accessories are available in such a wide range of styles that you can find exactly what fits your personality and individual needs. Consider purchasing leather necklaces online, as they look great and can be worn for more

Finding Tribal Jewellery Online — Types Available Through The Jewellery Shop

There are 11 types of tribal jewellery online through The Jewellery Shop. All of the tribal pendants are made of white phosphorous bronze and are rhodium-plated. Rhodium plating is used to improve the appearance of the piece and give it its shine. Each piece of tribal jewellery includes a more

Purchasing a Leather Necklace Online

At The Jewellery Shop, you can purchase your own leather necklace online or you can purchase any other pendant or charm available and receive either a leather necklace or more

Where to Find Men’s Leather Necklaces Online

Finding men’s leather necklaces online can be challenging. Many online jewellery stores cater only to women, though men can enjoy wearing nice pieces of leather jewellery too. The Jewellery Shop offers a great leather necklace that is made for more

Why You Should Look for Surf Jewellery Online

Tribal surf jewellery is becoming very popular. The Jewellery Shop has a great collection of tribal surf jewellery online. These symbols are meant to be like tribal tattoos without the pain of traditional tattooing. They are a great way to show your symbols without the more

How to Find a Leather Choker Necklace Online

When looking for a leather choker necklace online, it is important to go to a reputable online retailer, such as The Jewellery Shop. You should look for a leather choker that is made well and has an easy to more

Where to Find a Silver Heart Shaped Pendant Online

Finding a silver heart shaped pendant online does not have to take a lot of work, especially if you start with The Jewellery Shop. They offer a beautiful silver heart pendant that is made of sterling silver. This means that 92.5 percent of the piece is made with silver, and the rest is made of copper. This allows the piece to sparkle, shine and more

Where to Look for Braided Leather Necklaces Online

It may seem difficult to find braided leather necklaces online, but it can be quite easy if you know where to look. The Jewellery Shop offers three different colours and two different widths, and many different lengths with their more

The Jewellery Shop has a Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Online

If you are interested in finding the perfect gift for a girlfriend or wife, consider purchasing the sterling silver heart pendant online. This pendant is beautifully sculpted of sterling silver. This is an more

Finding a Leather Chain Necklace Online

If you are unsure of what a leather chain is, you may be unsure of how to purchase a leather chain necklace online. However, the term is very simple once you understand. Most necklaces are made with either leather or sterling silver chains. When leather chain is mentioned, it simply means a leather necklace that looks like interlocking chain links. The leather woven necklace from The Jewellery Shop is woven, but if you look more

How to Find Pendant Jewellery Online

It is easy to find pendant jewellery online when you shop at The Jewellery Shop. They are an online retail store that has many types of pendants available. Choosing just one pendant might be a challenge, as there are so many great options, but you can always search for more

Types of Jewellery Pendants Online

There are so many available jewellery pendants online that it could be difficult to look at all of them. There are three main types, which include pewter, sterling silver and more

Choosing The Jewellery Shop for your Plaited Leather Necklace Online

Using the Internet to search for and purchase jewellery is a commonality nowadays. It is much easier to sit in the comfort of your own home and browse through pictures of items rather than to drive to the store and wait in long lines. It takes gasoline and time to more

Finding a Sterling Silver Pendant Online

The Jewellery Shop is the place for any sterling silver pendant online that you may need. They have a wide variety of options from which to choose. Sterling silver is a top choice among jewellery wearers because it is made from pure silver, and it has a shine that more

Where to Find Waratahs Jewellery Online

The Jewellery Shop have partnered with the N.S.W. Waratahs Rugby Team to create and design jewellery specific to the team that allows fans to show their support in a new and unique way. Waratahs Jewellery online uses sterling silver or nine carat rose gold to more

Purchase Family Pendant Jewelry Online for Anyone

It can be difficult to know what to give a special family, but family pendant jewelry online is a great place to start. The Family pendant is a large circle with one hole in the middle, four holes out from that, and then four beads between the four holes. It is meant for the male of the family to wear, and it symbolises the strength of the man and the family that more

Finding Letter Pendants Online

If you are looking for the perfect personalised gift, consider the letter pendants found online through The Jewellery Shop. They offer every letter of the alphabet, as well as the number 18 and the number 21. The number pendants are perfect for more

Purchasing a Silver Crucifix Pendant Online and How to Care for It

If you have someone of the Christian faith on your gift list, you may consider purchasing them a silver crucifix pendant online through The Jewellery Shop. The pendant is exquisite and beautiful. It is a hand-crafted piece that is more

Finding a Frangipani Pendant Online to Wear Anytime

Fiji is the home of the Frangipani tree. It blooms almost all year long, and it produces a wonderful scent. Whether you have been to Fiji or have otherwise seen the beautiful tree, you may want to purchase a Frangipani pendant online so you can always remember the wonderful scent of the more

Choose the Silver Fern Pendant Online for Perfection and Detail

If you enjoy wearing jewellery pieces that have amazing intricacy in their detail then the silver fern pendant online is for you. This piece is truly amazing. Each leaf looks exactly like a fern leaf, and they are staggered the same, as well. There are a total of 18 leaves on this gorgeous more

Buy Family Pendant Jewelry Online to Commemorate Events

Looking to buy family pendant jewelry online? At The Jewellery Shop, you can shop for pewter, sterling silver, and white bronze family pendant jewelry. There are many to choose from that represent different styles, designs, and even colours. The single common factor between all of more

The Best Site to Buy a Frangipani Pendant Online

Frangipani is the common name for Plumeria, which is a beautiful tropical flower that is native to the tropical and subtropical regions. The flower, which is most often depicted in tropical prints and designs, is white with five equally shaped petals. Most frangipani flowers have yellow colouring more

Buy Jewellery Pendants Online To Find the Best Selection

Pendants have long been a popular choice among jewellery wearers. One of the biggest reasons for their popularity is the fact that the pendants are interchangeable. Want to change your look? Just swap out the existing pendant with a new pendant. It is really that simple. In fact, a lot of people put more

Buy Letter Pendants Online For the Most Fashionable Trend

Pendants are a fantastic way to express yourself. They come in all types, shapes, sizes, and colours. One popular method of expression with pendants is to use letter pendants. At The Jewellery Shop, you can buy letter pendants online for every letter of more

Buy a Plaited Leather Necklace Online For Any Outfit

The plaited design gives both function and beauty to leather necklaces. It provides function in that it helps to add overall strength to the leather necklaces. When the leather strands are plaited they actually provide more tensile strength than just a single strand of leather. It is essentially the same concept as more

Buy a Silver Crucifix Pendant Online for that Special Occasion

The crucifix pendant is elegantly designed and handcrafted out of sterling silver. It depicts Jesus Christ as he is dying on the cross with his hands and feet nailed to the crucifix. The raised depiction of Jesus is more of silhouette without any distinct facial features, but it is unmistakable whom the figure is more

Buy a Silver Fern Pendant Online to Have the Most in Style Jewellery

The fern has always been attractive as an ornamental piece of jewellery because it has such a symbolic meaning to so many people, especially in New Zealand. When you buy a silver fern pendant online at The Jewellery Shop, you know that you are getting a pendant that is handcrafted with expert craftsmanship. You can actually see this craftsmanship up close thanks to the handy zoom feature for each image gallery. You will be able to zoom right in and see every detail of more

The Easiest Way to Get Beautiful Pieces Is to Buy Pendant Jewellery Online

A popular way to collect jewellery is to buy pendant jewellery online. One of the biggest reasons for this popularity is the ease of being able to interchange the pendants from one necklace to another. Simply detach the metal clasp and then slide the pendant right off. This method also makes it very easy to change out the pendants in order to more

You Are Able to Easily Buy Waratahs Jewellery Online

In Australia, Rugby is a way of life. Every rugby fan follows their favourite teams, and there are certainly many to follow. Of course, one of the popular teams that many people follow are the New South Wales Waratahs. Thousands of fans flock to see them play every season to show their support. Now you can do even more to show your support by adding a more

Buy Braided Leather Necklaces Online for a New Style

The braided leather necklace is one of the popular styles of necklaces that we carry at The Jewellery Shop. We offer them in three different colours which are black, blue, and light brown, which is a popular natural colour. When you buy braided leather necklaces online from us, you can choose from any one of more

The Jewellery Shop is the Place to Buy a Leather Chain Necklace Online

The The Jewellery Shop store is one of the premier places to buy a leather chain necklace online. We offer both ladies’ leather chain necklace jewellery and men’s leather chain necklace jewellery. Our most popular style for this type of necklace is the braided design. With this design, we incorporate small strands of leather that are carefully woven to form a tight and more

Get Custom Necklaces When You Buy a Leather Chocker Necklace Online

If you are looking to buy a leather choker necklace online then a good place to start is with our custom sized leather necklaces. Our standard leather choker necklaces measure 48 cm in length. Of course, this length is not appropriate for everyone. If you have a neck size that is larger than 48 cm or just want a more

Buying a Leather Necklace Online is the Best Way to Get a Great Deal

At The Jewellery Shop, you can buy leather necklaces for both men and women. Each of our leather necklaces are designed using high quality leather and craftsmanship. Leather strands are perfectly braided to form a strong, woven cord. This gives the leather necklaces plenty of strength to withstand just about anything that life throws at it. In addition to the strength of the leather braid, our necklaces also incorporate a stainless steel bayonet clasp that more

Get the Best Men’s Jewellery When You Buy Men’s Leather Necklaces Online

If you are looking to buy men’s leather necklaces online then your first choice should be The Jewellery Shop. We offer quality leather necklaces for men at an affordable price. Choose from several different leather styles including black, blue, and light brown. Each of our leather necklaces is crafted from woven strands of leather. This method makes the more

Nothing Says You Care As Much As When You Buy a Silver Heart Shaped Pendant Online

The best part about buying a heart shaped pendant online at The Jewellery Shop is the fact that you get more than just the pendant. You can also get the necklace to go along with it, as well. You can choose to have a matching necklace to go along with the heart shaped pendant, or more of more

Buy Surf Jewellery Online for a Unique Look

Looking to buy surf jewellery online? The Jewellery Shop offers a fantastic collection of tribal style surf jewellery. Each of the pendants has a symbolic meaning including the representation of natural elements like earth, wind, and fire, activities like more

For the Most Fashionable Look, Buy Tribal Jewellery Online

The PENDANTS Australia collection of tribal jewellery features surf style designs. Each design represents the natural elements of the earth including wind, ocean water, nature, fire, and more. In addition, our tribal jewellery collection also includes many of the symbols that are more

Nothing is More Special Than Buying a Sterling Silver Pendant Online

Accessorise your look by adding a necklace and sterling silver pendant to your normal everyday wear. At The Jewellery Shop, you can buy a sterling silver pendant online and choose from many different looks and designs. Some of our popular designs include the sterling silver butterfly pendant, frangipani pendant, kangaroo pendant, love heart pendant, love knot pendant, silver fern pendant, starfish pendant, and Waratah pendant, just to name a few. We also offer more

Get the Best Designs when You Buy Leather Necklaces Online

When you are looking to buy leather necklaces online you basically have two different design styles to choose from. There are solid and woven styles available. The advantage of the woven leather necklaces, besides the beauty and elegance, is the added strength of the braid. Another important component is the clasp. The Jewellery Shop doesn’t use just any type of clasp; we use a stainless steel clasp with a bayonet design. This design gives both strength and durability. The stainless steel is resistant to the corrosion and rusting that can be caused from prolonged exposure to more

Say the Most When You Buy a Sterling Silver Heart Pendant Online

Nothing says love better than a sterling silver heart pendant. The sterling silver heart signifies an unbreakable union. For years, many people have enjoyed the aspects and properties of sterling silver jewellery and by far the most popular type of more

Find a Butterfly Pendant to Buy Online at PENDANTS

If you love butterflies, you will love our selection of butterfly pendants. Do you know someone who loves butterflies? Our pendants make terrific gift ideas. With four different styles available, we are sure to please any butterfly lover. Each pendant comes with a free chain, but you can easily pick a different chain in our online store. We have a selection of chains you can buy if you prefer a different style to hang your more

Buy Jewellery Online at PENDANTS

Jewellery is the perfect accessory for any outfit, whether casual or formal. Finding the perfect jewellery, however, can sometimes be a challenge. Many men have run into the problem of preparing for an outing with their woman only to find that it will take her an extra 30 minutes to get ready. That extra time is usually spent on finding the perfect accessories that go with her outfit. At PENDANTS, we make it easy for shoppers to buy jewellery online for more

Buy a Dragonfly Pendant Online from PENDANTS

Sometimes considered the hummingbirds of the insect world, our dragonfly pendant online is remarkably detailed. From the large eyes of the insect to the tail, this is sure to put a smile on any dragonfly lover's face. Made of sterling silver, the length of the pendant is 45mm, and it has a wingspan of 30mm. It weighs out at about 5.3 grams. It also comes with a free "O" chain with a more

Looking for Handcrafted Silver Jewellery? Buy Some Online Today at PENDANTS

Here at PENDANTS, we believe beautiful accessories can make a statement on anyone. With that in mind, we offer an amazing selection of handcrafted silver jewellery for anyone. Men and women both can find options from our handcrafted designs to suit their tastes. Women will love our CZ Stone Heart pendants available in clear, blue topaz, garnet, and pink. These pendants are made of more

Looking to Buy Leather Necklaces for Men Online?

Jewellery is an amazing accessory for anyone's wardrobe, and that includes men. At PENDANTS, we believe all people should have jewellery accessories available to them, and that is why we have an entire collection of leather necklaces for men. If the man in your life is still wary about adding jewellery to his wardrobe as a type of accessory, consider trying one of our more

How to Buy Male Jewellery Online

If you are looking for male jewellery online, PENDANTS is here to help. We have many exquisite pieces that are sure to fit your tastes. Our widest selection is in our pendants, which come in a wide variety of styles making it easy for you to find one you like. We also have a selection of chains and necklaces that are suited toward male jewellery tastes. These items can be combined with the pendants to make custom looks. Our online jewellery shop is more

Check Out Our Selection of Mens Necklaces Online, and Buy One Today

If you love buying jewellery for your man, you are going to love our selection of mens necklaces. Sold online at PENDANTS, there is an entire webpage designed to helping you find the perfect gift for your man. Not only do we offer leather necklaces, but we offer a stainless steel ball chain too. This 5mm chain comes in a variety of lengths - from 50cm to 90 cm. Paired with one of the more

Buy Sterling Silver Jewellery Online for Anyone

At PENDANTS, we believe anyone can benefit from the beauty of a fashionable jewellery accessory, which is why we offer sterling silver jewellery for both men and women. These items are well-crafted with a chain included when purchasing one of our many beautiful pendants. If you are interested, you can buy one of our sterling silver chains without a pendant, we offer different types. This also allows you to switch out more

Buy a Sterling Silver Necklace Online from PENDANTS

The beauty of sterling silver cannot be denied, and PENDANTS makes it easy to buy necklaces online. We have a large selection of sterling silver chains you can pick from, but your sterling silver necklace is not complete without a pendant on the chain. Be sure to browse our selection of chains. Many of our sterling silver pendants come with a free sterling silver chain, but you might want to buy a different chain if more

PENDANTS Offers Surf Necklaces You Can Buy Online

People who love to surf can often be found wearing tribal jewellery. At PENDANTS, we offer surf necklaces online with tribal pendants. Many of these pendants are made of white phosphorous bronze and have rhodium plating. Each tribal pendant comes with one of our leather necklaces. Our items are high quality and make terrific gifts for the surfer in your life. Check out our store for the best surf necklaces you can more

Find Surfer Jewellery to Buy Online at PENDANTS

Tribal symbols have become even more popular as a jewellery option for men, and this is mainly due to surfers. We have an entire collection of surfer jewellery available on our online store. We have many different tribal pendants available for the surfer in your life, and they all look amazing with our leather bands. While most of our pendants are available only with an engraved image in black enamel, we do have a few pendants that have different colour options. The serenity pendant is more

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