Orca Killer Whale Pendant

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The Orca belongs to the oceanic dolphin family and it is regarded as an apex predator, lacking natural predators. The Orca can be found in all oceans world wide. Our Orca pendant is an awesome tribal style design made from solid metal and detailed with morphing curves like a tattoo. You will love wearing this symbol and hopefully give you an opportunity to remind people to protest against Japan's "research" whaling program..seriously Japan, if your scientists haven't figured these beautiful creatures out by now then they are idiots and killing more whales wont help.
More Information
Item Number OCEANIAM111
Metal Type White Phosphorous Bronze
Length 51 mm
Width 25 mm
Depth 4 mm
Approximate Weight 15.8 grams
Chain / Necklace Black woven leather necklace
Chain Length 48 cm
Clasp Bayonet clasp
Rhodium Plated Yes
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