Perfect to wear during the summer season with sandals, flip flops, and other strappy shoes.

Anklets are a special piece of jewellery that can accent a formal outfit like a summery dress or add intrigue to a casual ensemble. A unique piece of jewelry that has become popular recently, the anklet is available in a wide range of styles and metals. Anklets offer you the chance to show off your own personal style is a subtle and understated way this summer.

What is an Anklet?

Also know as an Ankle Bracelet, anklets were once worn by Indian women to signify their unwed status. Now ankle bracelets are worn around the world by every age group.

An anklet is basically a bracelet for the ankle instead of the wrist. They are usually around 25 centimetres long (almost 10 inches) which is just slightly longer than most bracelets.

Can I Wear A Bracelet On My Ankle?

You could try but basically the main difference between a bracelet and an anklet is the length. While anklets are bracelets for the ankles, your ankles are generally slightly bigger than your wrist so you may struggle to attach a bracelet.

How are Anklets attached?

Anklets are securely worn on your ankle in the same way as a bracelet. The most popular style of clasp for anklets is the lobster clasp, named for its resemblance of a lobsters claw. These are easily attached and very secure so you can play tennis or go for a swim with your anklet on and not have to worry about losing it.

Before You Buy An Anklet Online

After deciding on the style of anklet to purchase, for example a Belcher Chain Anklet, you should consider the metal you would like the anklet made of. At The Jewellery Shop we prefer sterling silver anklets because of quality and elegance without the big price tag. You may however prefer gold anklets, or get carried away with a diamond anklet instead.

Next ensure you are comfortable with the length of anklet you wish to buy. Measure your ankle circumference and compare it to the length stated in your online jewellery store.

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