Earrings are the most essential part of your overall look. They never go out of fashion! You can leave your house without neck pieces, bracelets but never without earrings.
Normally, women pick up earrings only keeping the final ensemble in mind. As outfits vary for different body types, in the same way every earring has its types. Not every earring goes with every face. It’s time you educate yourself about earrings so you can pick the one that not only suits your fancy but also your face.
Stud Earrings


Stud earrings are casual earrings that make for an excellent match for a formal occasion or a traditional dress-up. Studs add elegance and charm. The "always in" factor wins every time. A simple casual earring pair not only adds softness to the face but also maximises appeal with a minimalistic touch.
Channel-Set Hoop Earrings in Sterling Silver


Hoop earrings are a knockout accessory for any lady to have on-hand. Stone set sterling silver hoops give a feminine touch, as sterling silver goes with anything. Hoop earrings are a little more boisterous than stud earrings without being overly ostentatious so they make a great gift for her if you want to play a little out of the safe zone.
Drop Style Earrings


Drop earrings are also called danglers. As the name suggests, this style of earring is made to dangle below the earlobe. Drop earrings look fabulous and elegant while the simple design goes well with simple attires as well as formal traditional dress. It is always good for ladies to have a couple of different styles of Drop earrings for different occasions so a new pair of earrings makes a great gift idea.

Earrings as Gifts

Earrings make the perfect gift because they are always the right fit. You don't need to worry about chain size, ring size or wrist size, you just have to select the style of earrings that best suit her.

Most women have several pairs of earrings however they are always looking to add something new to their look and collection. You can't go wrong with earrings as a thoughtful gift idea.

Stud earrings are a sure thing when it comes to gifts for women as they are elegant yet conservative and almost every women feels comfortable wearing them. Perhaps you should make sure she has her ears pierced first though.

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