Rhodium plated Sterling Silver chain
Rose Gold and Sterling Silver Pendants


Rhodium is one of the rarest and most valuable of precious metals.

It can be found in platinum and nickel ores and is a silvery-white, hard metal.

Only discovered in 1803, Rhodium is now used in various industries for its immense corrosion resistance.

In the jewellery industry, White gold is often plated with a thin, rhodium layer to improve its appearance while sterling silver is often rhodium-plated for tarnish resistance.

See an example of a Rhodium plated piece of sterling silver jewellery in our Frangipani pendant.

It is the resistance to tarnishing that makes rhodium so attractive to jewellers. With an almost identical colouring to sterling silver and white gold, jewellery is able to be plated in rhodium without detracting from the look of the cast metal. Once plated, sterling silver will no longer tarnish and white gold will have a stronger lustre and more scratch resistance.

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