How is Personalised Jewellery Made?

How Is Personalised Jewellery Made?

Personalised Jewellery
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Let's focus on personalising our jewellery by hand stamping.

All you really need are these tools:
Metal Letter Stamps, Painters Tape, Steel Bench Block, Brass Faced Dead Blow Hammer, Permanent Marker, Hole Punch Pliers, Metal Blanks for stamping and a Polishing Cloth.

First, use painters tape to to keep the silver metal tag in place. It also serves as a guide so your letters are stamped in a straight line.

Use the permanent marker to mark the center. Make sure your steel bench block is on a hard, firm surface. The steel bench block keeps the impression from showing too much on the other side.

Position your metal stamp on the piece making sure it is straight up and down. Start in the center and work outwards.

Strike the stamp firmly once with your hammer! You can strike it again if you need to, just make sure your stamp is still in place or you’ll get a ghost impression.

Repeat the process for the remaining letters or numerals.

Use the hole punch plier to punch a hole through the top of the tag so you can attach a jump ring for the chain.

To add contrast to your stamped message, use the permanent marker to colour it in.

A polishing pad will remove the excess marker and leave only the colouring down in the grooved letters.

String the tag onto a necklace or another piece of jewelry and you are done, your first piece of personalised jewellery.

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