What is Personalised Jewellery?

What is Personalised Jewellery?

Personalised Jewellery
Personalised Pendant


Generally personalised jewellery is defined as made to order or customised to order jewellery that is then engraved or hand stamped with names, initials or dates.

Jewellery can be personalized with a name, initial, date or whatever word or phrase you choose and because of this it may also been known as heirloom jewellery.

It is not uncommon for personalised jewellery to be handed down generations because of it's sentimental value. Each piece is always different and while personal messages engraved in the jewellery may been meaningless to others, they are held very dearly by their owner.

This is why bespoke pieces such as hand stamped pendants are reguarded as jewellery with meaning. Purchasing or making personalised jewellery is born out of your own desire to wear jewellery that means something to you.

Pendants are a common sight however even rings, cuff links, bracelets and money clips can be individually hand stamped with lettering and numerals.
Due to the hand crafted nature of personalised jewellery, some letters may not be perfectly straight as the fact is, every piece of jewellery is individually made. In this way it becomes even more personal as no two are the same. Letter alignment, spacing, and depth of letter impression will vary for hand stamped jewellery.

Engraving may also be used to personalise your jewellery and there are several methods used to engrave jewellery.
The art of hand engraving is still alive and well despite the rise of computer aided engraving machines. Impact printers may also be used to “engrave” ever so slightly on various forms of jewellery to distinguish them with customised messages and even photographs.

At The Jewellery Shop we have seen every kind of custom design such as dates, children’s names, "Love You" messages, customers even memorialise pets. "If love could have saved you, you would have lived forever." This is so true of how pet lovers feel about their pets and a personalised pendant makes a special keepsake piece to remember your pet by. Generally though animals are not the first to be engraved on jewellery. Mostly birth dates of children, names of family members both passed and present are the most memorable and meaningful personal messages to shared.

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