Where can I Buy Personalised Jewellery

Where Can I Buy Personalised Jewellery?

Personalised Jewellery
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Purchasing or even making personalised jewellery is born out of your own desire to wear jewellery that really means something to you.

To buy personalised jewellery online these days is quite simple. There are hundreds of jewellery shops online that offer various styles of personalised jewellery.

At The Jewellery Shop we are proud to offer personalisation services including hand stamping and engraving of your jewellery so you need look no further. However, if you must, be sure to follow a few simple tips:

1. Look for clear, unaltered photographs of the jewellery you are interested in. Several angled pictures shows you the piece in detail so you know exactly what you will be getting.

2. Pendants should come with a chain included. It is a bit disappointing to receive your soon to be heirloom jewellery and not even be able to hang it on your neck. At The Jewellery Shop all our pendants come with a chain included free of charge.

3. Ensure the jewellery shop has a SSL certificate at Checkout. You can tell this by the Padlock symbol in your browsers address bar. Only the shops checkout pages really need to be secured as this is where your personal and payment details are entered.

If you do have the time, we would suggest you visit your local jeweller too. Most jewellery shops are able to engrave any piece of jewellery for you and they do so professionally and with pride so think about supporting a small business near you.

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