How much does it cost?

How Much Does Sterling Silver Cost?

Silver Price Chart
Copper Price Chart


The cost of sterling silver varies from day to day as it is derived from pure silver, considered a precious metal, as well as copper.
Both are traded on international metal exchanges. In 2015 Silver has ranged between roughly AUD$19 and AUD$23 per ounce with Copper selling for roughly AUD$0.20 per ounce.

Sterling silver also involves a production process to combine both the pure silver and copper which incurs a further cost.

In 2015 the casting cost was roughly AUD$30 an ounce. A sterling silver pendant such as our Koala pendant weighs 6.5 grams not including the sterling silver chain.

Take into account casting fees, hand finishing as well as rhodium plating and a quality piece of sterling silver jewellery is very much worth its weight.

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